International book of Art


Recently I have been trying to give my career a boost, it's not enough to be a good painter, but you also need to be part of a system that allows you to sell more often..One day, while thinking about this, I received an email that was inviting me to be part of a Annual book of artists, and which the advertisement is "Artists from all over the world present their works in a museum quality art book".
I always try to see if there are any scheme behind it, for artists who want to sell and have an illusion that they will make a living out of it, it's not hard to get them into participate in Exhibitions in which they have to pay everything, without no guaranty that they will actually get something in return. Once, I have spoken to an Art Consultant who "warned"me about the "dangerous"those Galeries can be, etc , etc..
And so I was thinking about participating in this book, getting all the info. I could about it..All they ask is for me to buy 2 pieces of the book, and they will place my art and a small resume in one of their pages.
There site looks nice, information is clean and accurate, and it seemed a good deal for me to participate. As I said before, you need to be part of  a system to be able to get known and to sell you work more regularly.
So I'm waiting to see the outcome of it.