O Almocreve

 Since I've met Luis Campos, a great cumplicity happened between us. Because we are both artists, at our own way, because we have different ways to see life, and because we could both work together in different projects.

When I first heard about the "O Almocreve" I was attracted to the way it was written, the main character was in fact very appealing.Then the book came to my hands and I had the privilege to be the first to read it.The reading went on and on, and I was more and more imagining how it would be to be in Barry Brown's shoes.

Then the opportunity came where I was asked to draw the covers to the book. I was thrilled! Being almost finished with it, I could feel and see things the way he did (Barry Brown). So I thought about  lines and white sketches for the cover..Minimalist they say. It can be. But it shows the true essence of an "Almocreve", where he brings feelings and emotions to the people he visits and touches.


Thank you Luís Campos for the privilege to  be part of it!.