Shattered pieces of Eternity- The Exhibition

   The 12th of September 2015 I had a great opening for my exhibition " Shattered pieces of Eternity". It all started

a few months ago, planning and getting inspiration from the book of Eva Lara " Espacios Rotos". To me, it was different

than what I was used to do, so it was also a challenging trying to get it right. The hardest part was to connect the feelings

of the book, of the characters, and all the anguish, the pain , the dispair the protagonist suffers and feels. It was a great

experience for me indeed, where I explored different techniques and a more " loose" painting.


So, in the 12th everything was ready and me, together with my "crew", Paulo Sousa( music producer and guitar player)

and Clement Savourey ( Saxophone), we started the show. I felt very good, very confortable talking to the public, grabbing 

their attention, being an entertainer, as you should be in this cases. The music was perfect and acting live even better!!

Paulo and Clement could really grab the exxhibiton's feeling and people loved it!! They interactivated while, after each

music , I explained what it was behind every painting.  I loved it!


So here ar some pictures...and looking forward for another one!!!!