1a Gala de Fado a Voz do Operario

After months of hard work, the work for the 1a Gala de Fado - a Voz do Operario is done.


Ive made the stage scenery, the painting in which they made all the propaganda from, and the statue they

will present the nominees for different categories, just like the Oscars.


Im very proud of myself and very happy !


Quem e o coiso?

Finished to make a poster for a new play " Quem e o coiso?" which is actually a final exercise for 7 teather students who

will have their final assessment with this play. :)


" Quem e o Jeremias?"

In the past weeks I've been working with the Checkin Management, a production company which comissioned me to make

a Poster for a new play starring Octavio Matos, Alvaro Faria, Paula Marcelo, Joaquim Guerreiro and Diogo Xavier. 

The project was a very nice way for me to get into the teather world by making this kind of Art which Im pleasantly happy with the result.

The Play will be held in different locations throughout the country so...Come and watch it!!! :)



Um dos meus ultimos trabalhos foi ter feito o cartaz de apresentacao da peca " Quem e o Jeremias?" com Octavio Matos,  Alvaro Faria, Paula Marcelo, Joaquim Guerreiro e Diogo Xavier. Tem sido um grande prazer trabalhar com esta "malta" e especialmente com o Miguel Linares e a Carolina Santorino, da checkin management que me pediram esta encomenda.Depois de varias semanas aqui esta o resultado, espero que gostem e se puderem, vao ver a peca...!!!!!:)




Paintings for a "Rancho Folclorico" from Frielas

Ive been asked to make a set of paintings for a rancho Folclorico, which is kinda of a portuguese traditional dance group from North.

It was a very nice experience to get into a subject that I didnt know and the result is this:


Mural for an ATM machine

The mural is almost concluded! After 3 intense weeks, the work is reaching its end and I'm most glad for it!! Its a 3x12 meters wall, all together

and gave me great pleasure making it !


Here are some pictures: