Mural "Uniao"

After three intense weeks the mural is done, its a 3,75x2,45 meter wall at the Junta de Freguesia da Pontinha/Famoes.

It was a great job which gave me wonderful pleasure to make. More will come..:)


Exhibition at the Junta de Freguesia da Pontinha

Today it was a big day, the exhibition was a great success and Im very thrilled with the result.

Here are the pictures :

Work scenery for Pedro Junot and his debbut album

Recently I had the pleasure to see my work at the scenery of Pedro Junot's show in Almada,

where he performed together with great Fado names. My work used in his debut album was

also used in the stage scenery which gave me great pleasure to see.


Im thankful to Pedro Luis of Musica Unida who believed in my work and also Pedro who wanted 

it in his debut album.

Thank you very much!  

Participacao no " Agora nos" na RTP

Ha sensivelmente um mes estive presente como convidado no aniversario do (grande) Vitor de Sousa no programa

"Agora Nos" na RTP 1, programa esse apresentado por Jose Pedro Vasconcelos e Tania Ribas. Foi um experiencia

inesquescivel poder estar presente em tal evento junto ao Vitor e tambem a outros grandes artistas como Ana Bola,

Simone de Oliveira, etc.

Fui la com o intuito de oferecer ao Vitor um quadro meu que fiz questao de dedicar:


Alo Portugal

Last week I had the pleasure to be invit\ed to the talk-show hosted by a good friend of mine, Jose Figueiras, renowed TV host for decades.

It was a great experience being there, talked about my work, the "hows" and "whys" of this Art world which I love.


Thank you Jose!!!