Evento na Santa casa da Misericordia de Lisboa

As vezes nao sabemos o alcance do nosso trabalho ate vermos o quanto pode inspirar alguem.Neste caso as criancas do Centro Social da Flamenga pertencente a Sta Casa da Misericordia de Lisboa que fizeram trabalhos inspirados num dos meus quadros, " Why do you touch me?", de 100x100 cms a oleo feito já há alguns anos.Sensibilizou-me o facto de ter podido participar neste evento e ver o importante e essencial trabalho que fazem as profissionais que ali trabalham. Agradeco pelo trabalho que cada dia ali fazem formando homens e mulheres do futuro.

Obrigado pelo convite!:)





Exhibition at Camoes

Exhibition at Instituto Camoes January 2016

The exhibition was a great success!! Lots of people, nice environment and the live music

played by volinist Nuno Flores, ex-member of the portuguese Band Quinta do Bill.Everything

worked out great, I had 14 paintings and one made especially for Nuno , to put in his next album.

I look formard for events like this again!!








Exposição do pintor Bruno Netto na Sede do Camões, I.P.

 Within 3 days, I'll be at the Instituto Camoes in Lisbon. I'm very happy and feel very humble at the same time 

for this great opportunity and possibility to show my work among great people. Nuno Flores a great violinist

will be present showing his new album and with a paintingthat I did for the ocasion...I feelgreat

for it,and a lot of memories are coming to my head right now..





Exhibition at the Instituto Camoes, Lisbon

So I got an exhibition in my own country, after years of trying..! So, this one is special, because of that reason (being the first one)

but also because its " inspired" in one woman, almost all the 15 paintngs were based on one

woman, one love.


Which is normal in my paintings, but its the first time I paint someone so many times.


So, the 15th January 2016 it will be held at the Instituto Camoes, in Lisbon around 18.30, with the presence of the Dutch Embassador in Portugal.