Entrevista ao "JornalQ.com"

Há algumas semanas atrás, fui contactado pelo director do " JornalQ.com", no sentido de fazer um artigo sobre o meu trabalho, para uma rapida "reportagem" sobre o meu trabalho. Apanhou-me de surpresa o convie, mas nao deixei de concordar e pus maos á obra. Mas por " maos á obra" neste caso, torna-se um pouco difícil, já que fazer um artigo sobre eu mesmo nao é  algo que faça cada dia..Assim, deizei-me levar pelo sentimento e entusiasmo que ponho em cada trabalho e lá enviei o artigo ao Director que nesse mesmo dia o pos online no jornal:







Ive been doing some new paintings lately, full of experiences and emotions. As always, yes,

but these latest ones are..better. I feel im reaching another level of professionalism, as well as being

more in conttrol of the shadows and lights in each work.


Estas son " verdades" en mi mundo, verdades que te confortan, verdades que duelen, y verdades que te ayudan a superar cada dia..


Cual es tu verdad...?




International day of Women at the Dokzaal, the 8th of March .

I'll be exhibiting 10 paintings, all dedicated to the greatness of women, at the Dokzaal, the 8th of March, in an Event organized by the " latin Culture", in which I see myself included.

It will be a day with activities, with food from some south american countries, etc.As for me, any opportunity to honor women is welcome !!. I'll be there!



Interview at the portuguese newspaper

day I've received a good news: An article about my work came out in the portuguese newspaper " JornalQ". Its always good

to feel that you are working hard enough to see your work recognised.


here's the link:





A work in the house..


Sometimes my clients send me pictures of how the paintings in their homes turned out to look...For me, it's always a great pleasure to know that my work is apprecciated and that you mcan also make a difference in people's homes with it.

Here are two examples of two paintings sold to different countries, Portugal and Poland.


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