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Netto's mugs!

Village with girl on top

New series of 10

I have recently started making a some series of drawings related to Portugal.


It all started when a lady, from the southern part of Portugal ( a beautiful place full of sun and beach called Tavira) asked me if I could expose in her store , because she found  my work very interesting, very warmth. I agreed with her, and started working on a small size drawing series, simple drawings but with a very strong meaning and colour.


I come up with about 10 drawings about my home country, habits, places, people.


After that, created another serie of 10, related to Music.The result of each series yo ucan see here in my website.


I hope you enjoy it!





Exhibition in Sydney, Australia!!!


To reinvent is to change something so much that it appears to take on an entirely new form. It appears to become something new. Something otherwise, is created or designed. It changes and is enabled to develop, grow or materialize. The artists in this exhibition embrace the powerful process of change, as suggested by reinvention.

Dulce Schunck, for instance, reinvented the landscape art of Planalto Central, the region where Brasilia resides. Utilizing marble and natural pigments, meticulously layered on canvas, Schunck challenges our perception. Her painting-sculptures are a reverberation of shimmery color, form and texture, presenting depictions of nature anew. The artist’s work is the result of a unique style and levitates between abstraction and figuration.

The photographer Fernando Espinosa Chauvin presents the testimony to his revelatory and attentive dialogue with the Galapagos Islands. Through the eyes of new technologies of our twenty first century world Chauvin reinvented his artistic practice to provide indescribable images - due to is poignancy and the majesty of nature depicted - of the rash and sublime landscape of the place.

Reinvention is also a title of a poem written by Brazilian writer and neosymbolist poet Cecília Meireles (1901-1964). Through her poetry, Meireles stated: ‘Life is only possible reinvented’. The poet conveys the harmony that exists between all the things and the artist. The process of reinvention becomes a means by which artists are the empowered through their creativity and intelligence, to create important and significant works of art.

Featured artists are: Dulce Schuck (Brazilian, lives and works in Brasilia-DF); Fernando Espinosa Chauvin; (Ecuadorian born – lives and works in New York); Bruno Netto (Portuguese born, lives and works in Amsterdam); Lia Klugman (Brazilian born, lives and works in Sydney); Nina Norden (Norwegian born, lives and works in Sydney); Leonardo Cremenose (Brazilian born, lives and works in Sydney).