Art Lovers,


Now you can find more merchandise of my paintings such as mugs, pins, mobil cases, etc at



Please take a look and enjoy !!




Interview at the Radio Capelle

 I had the opportunity today of being interviewed at radio capelle, a radio station from Rotterdam.It was a very nice experience to share my thoughts about my work.


Thank you for the experience!!!

new work


Today I have finished this painting..It's caleld " 20". It is probbaly the first painting I make that is based on something real, something that happened some months ago in the US and left us all with a broken heart. In that day 20 children where murdered while at school.I cant stop thinking that it could have been my children there, but still, its a problem that affects all of us.



This is my tribute to them.To all of their families and relatives.

Jazz Ball Charity Festival

Recently I come to know about the " Jazz Ball Charity festival".


"Jazz' was a very special person.More than a extremely talented musician, he was a person that everyone loved and enjoyed being with.After a very hard period he lost the batlle against cancer about a year ago. For all the people I've talked to , they all agree that Jazz was a person that touched others in different ways.

This festival is to raise funds and also to honor this great man, Jazz, and evrything that he meant to people and his loved ones.


I, as an artist, was invited to participate in the Event, by donating one of my paintings to this great cause. I believe no painting will be good enough for it, but I'll do my best. For this great cause, for the people who suffer daily from this desease and..for Jazz.