Like I said in the last post, I've been working in  a new set of paintings about Lisbon, but dont want to depicte the streets as they are, but instead the people, the actions, the feelings..It's not an easy task, but I believe as an artist, its a way to grow and learn.
A few ago I was in Portugal, and couldn't not leave without visiting the Galerie of a good friend of mine, at the Altis Hotel.we have known each other since little kids, and now he owns a Galerie. But its not just a Galerie.He works with the best known artists from Portugal and abroad. Names like Cruzeiro Seixas, Artur Bual, Alfredo Luz, Julio REsende,among others are frequent in his walls, and for my delight I could always enjoy the pleasure of being there admiring those works.

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Im working now on this new painting..a woman holding on to adoor..what's behind it?? What is she expecting? I dont know..Around here there are too many things, that will be erased throughout the painting...But I still dont know which ones..that happens often.


Getting ready for the exhibition..

And here I am..Late at night, while my team, SLBenfica is playing in the Champions League against Chelsea, Im still working..Getting ready to exhibit at the Museum Dieguino and the Diego Rivera.Two great oportunities that I hope that will pay off..