"Abraçando Lisboa"

"Abraçando Lisboa" 120x100 cms
My latest work.powerful, depicts a woman being embraced with her city , Lisbon.The streets come out of her,  and she feels the sounds of " Fado" nearby.
her reality is being surrounded by her past..and I am her. before in Lisbon, now in a distant land, but always feeling it inside...My city, the streets, the river, the air.


"Annalisa on the Chess"

Annalisa is a girl from Italy, who I've met a few years ago in Amsterdam.Even thought I have never seen her again after she departed from the Netherlands we continued at some point maintaing contact and because she likes what I paint she comissioned me a painting where she's lying on the beach.

When I paint I always try to get information from people, so my paintings have always a meaning, a deeper meaning, and that usually works better when I know the person and/or I already know what I want to paint and have the drawing in my head.

With this painting, I had to follow different pictures and try to see the meaning of "Annalisa".

International book of Art

Recently I have been trying to give my career a boost, it's not enough to be a good painter, but you also need to be part of a system that allows you to sell more often..One day, while thinking about this, I received an email that was inviting me to be part of a Annual book of artists, and which the advertisement is "Artists from all over the world present their works in a museum quality art book".
I always try to see if there are any scheme behind it, for artists who want to sell and have an illusion that they will make a living out of it, it's not hard to get them into participate in Exhibitions in which they have to pay everything, without no guaranty that they will actually get something in return. Once, I have spoken to an Art Consultant who "warned"me about the "dangerous"those Galeries can be, etc , etc..



Exposicion en Budapeste

Hace unos años atras tuve la oportunidad de hacer mi 1a exposición internacional en Budapest,Hungría.La invitacion llegó por medio de una Galeria,la Opera gallery,en que invitaban 8 artistas de varios países para exponeren sus trabajos por algunas semanas.

Pense que sería una oportunidad excelente para mostrar mi trabajo, asi que reuni 3 de mis mejores trabajos y les envie a Budapest,pago previo de una admisión de 200 euros,que incluiría tener derecho a unos minutos en la television húngara.

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Like I said in the last post, I've been working in  a new set of paintings about Lisbon, but dont want to depicte the streets as they are, but instead the people, the actions, the feelings..It's not an easy task, but I believe as an artist, its a way to grow and learn.
A few ago I was in Portugal, and couldn't not leave without visiting the Galerie of a good friend of mine, at the Altis Hotel.we have known each other since little kids, and now he owns a Galerie. But its not just a Galerie.He works with the best known artists from Portugal and abroad. Names like Cruzeiro Seixas, Artur Bual, Alfredo Luz, Julio REsende,among others are frequent in his walls, and for my delight I could always enjoy the pleasure of being there admiring those works.

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